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MASS Heat Installation & Repair
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  • Boiler Installation Service
  • Water Heater Installation
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  • Oil to Gas Heat Conversion
  • Heat Repair
  • Furnace Repair
  • Boiler Repair
  • Water Heater Repair
  • Themostat Install
  • Oil Burner Service
  • Heat Pump Install/Repair
* Samplings of Reviews from Satisfied Customers *
Gervais Plumbing & Heating did and excellent job replacing my heating system and did so in a timely fashion for a fair price. I'd recommend them to my mother!

                                           -Pierce W.-
                                            Worcester, MA
For a long time my wife and I had experienced a problem with low water pressure and we'd run out of hot water very quicky due to our small water heater tank. Gervais Plumbing & Heating put in a tankless water heater for unlimited hot water on demand and increased our water pressure.

                                             -Maxwell S-
                                             Framingham, MA
I just needed a sump pump installed in my basement and Gervais was really fast and really affordable. Thanks again.

                                          -Carol B.-
                                            Shrewsbury, MA
Gervais Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning handles all of my family's plumibing and HVAC needs. They are always there in a heartbeat... even during a terrible storm when our heat went out. They were also there for my parents to thaw their frozen pipes and helped winterize them. Truly remarkable service!
                                           -Arthur M.-
                                            Auburn, MA
My basement used to be moldy and musty 'til I had Gervais Plumbing & Heating install a basement sump pump downstairs. I can't believe it's finally a useable space after all these years. I should have called the Gervais Family 8 years ago.

                                          -Bob P Jr.-
                                            Leominster, MA
My old clunky heating system desperately needed to go and I agonized over it for years. I'd gotten several quotes over the years. I decided to try one last company before I made a decision. Gervais beat the other companies by almost a thousand dollars and the work was done with lightning speed.
                                           -Peter S.-
                                            Millbury, MA
Gervais Plumbing & Heating put in a central air conditioning system and the plumbing system for our new home we built. I couldn't have made a better choice.! Thanks Steve!

                                            Grafton, MA
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